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Press Releases

Tinfos Uses the MetalOrigins system for On-line Management, Deliveries, Invoicing

West Palm Beach, FL, March 20, 2001
- MetalOrigins and Tinfos Jernverk ("Tinfos") of Norway announced today that Tinfos has been successfully using the MetalOrigins internet-based supply chain management system to improve the efficiency of post-sales distribution and logistics.

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MetalOrigins and McCreath offer internet-based ordering of highly regarded inspection, sampling and analysis services

West Palm Beach, FL, August 22, 2000
- MetalOrigins today announced it has begun offering customers online access to the inspection, sampling, analysis and assaying services of industry leader Andrew S. McCreath & Sons, Inc. The two companies recently signed an exclusive agreement and rolled out the assay section of the MetalOrigins website August 22.
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MetalOrigins launches website for alloys and metals; moves metals e-commerce beyond transactions to improve efficiency

West Palm Beach, FL, July 27, 2000
- MetalOrigins CEO Bud Cherry today announced the company has launched its new website designed by metals professionals to bring together buyers and sellers of alloys and metals as well as service providers in a confidential, neutral and independent e-commerce environment.

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