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Welcome to SiliconSources

Customized Technical Solutions

The MetalOrigins System
The MetalOrigins system is an Internet based system designed for the alloys industry. Built in-house by our technical staff, the system takes input from a variety of users (buyers, sellers, warehouses etc.), and allows each party to interact using a web browser. Data is entered into the system only at the point of origin (for example, the warehouse enters Bill of Lading data), instead of being entered multiple times by multiple parties.

We can develop a system for you based on our technology and experience.

Our Process
Our process is simple. Instead of starting with a blank page, as a consulting company would, we start with a working product designed for alloys. This allows us to have a concrete discussion, based on a real product.

Next, we develop a design document that states your requirements, highlighting any differences from our standard product. Some companies are using our product in its entirety with no changes. Some need custom built screens that allow different business processes to take place. By using our standard product as a starting point, we are able to deliver a fully functional solution to you in a matter of weeks, not months.

Finally, we test our product with you, the user, from which feedback is provided directly to our programmers. In this way, you have direct input to the design, layout, and development of your product.

Legacy Systems
Do you need to link to your existing accounting or inventory systems? We employ an industry standard XML bridge to move data quickly and accurately. Our technical personnel will make an evaluation of your needs and help you to make the link happen.

Custom Built Systems 
If your business process differs from what we have already built, we can design and build a system that matches your need. We have designed several systems for different bulk commodities from the ground up, each designed to model the internal and external business process of our clients.

Our Technology
Our systems are built using the most common and extensible languages and operating systems available; Microsoft. Using a Microsoft platform and databases, we are assured of our product's longevity and mainstream acceptance for years to come.

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