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The MetalOrigins Advantage

MetalOrigins offers several advantages to the metals company that has made the decision to adopt ecommerce. Most importantly, we understand the business of alloys and metals. In order to successfully implement an Internet solution for your business, you need to be able to first identify the inefficiencies of the existing business, and then apply the technology in a way that addresses these inefficiencies. So understanding the existing business is the first step.

The second step to enable an Internet solution is to understand the technology. At MetalOrigins, we built our system from the ground up, rather than using someone else's "B2B Ecommerce" Software package. Why? We wanted to develop a system which covers the very specific needs of metals buyers and sellers, and to be able to continue to build and modify the technology in house to include feedback from users.

How does this help you?

We have done most of the work already. Rather than hiring a consultant, a software company, and a hosting company, you can contract with MetalOrigins. We will show you how our existing system can work for you, and we will sit down with you to review your existing business process to determine the best fit. If necessary, we can customize our software if you have requirements that are different from those we have today. This is beneficial because it drastically reduces the time to implement, and lowers the cost of the technology.

Additional Advantages

By using a standard process you can be connected to customers using a standard communication protocol. What this standardization means to a buyer, for example, is that they can view data from several different sellers using the same web interface. While some sellers may customize their presentation and functionality, the process to release material can be the same so that the buyer does not have to learn multiple systems. This increases the number of buyers who use the system, increases their familiarity with it, and makes the efficiencies and savings greater for everyone. Warehouses can gain similar advantages from standardization. The warehouses can interface with multiple clients, using one interface, and sellers therefore get prompt responses to their requests (which would be more difficult if there were multiple systems in use).

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